Is Air Transat a good, budget & safe airline to fly? (2023)

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Air Transat, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is a Canadian airline. It is the country's third-largest airline, with scheduled and charter flights to 60 destinations in 25 countries. It was founded in 1986. Transat A.T. Inc. owns and operates Air Transat, which has a fleet of 38 aircraft.

What is the rank of Air Transat?

For the quality of its airport, spaces and onboard items and its staff service, air transat ranking is 4-star leisure airlines. Seats, services, food and drinks, IFE, cleanliness, and other aspects of the product are rated, while service is rated for both cabin and ground workers.

On routes to Europe, Air Transat has a hybrid leisure/low-cost structure with full service. The luxury cabin (Club Class) meets Premium Economic requirements, and the product and service are satisfactory. Legroom in Economy Class is very generous.

How safe is Air Transat?

Is Air Transat a good airline? Air Transat aims to provide a comfortable and secure atmosphere for you, your fellow passengers, and crew members onboard aircraft.

Their policy on masks is as follows:

Wearing a mask is needed at certain points during your trip as part of the Traveller Care health and safety program. Where the recommended social distancing cannot be observed, this step aims to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading, ensuring the safety of passengers and employees.

  • Upon arrival;
  • During the boarding process
  • Throughout your Flight(except when drinking/eating or when an agent or crew member requests it);
  • During the deplaning process;
  • During transfers (for those who bought tours and/or packages).

Secure FlightFlight is a program created by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States (DHS). The main aim of this program is to improve the security of domestic and foreign air travel by collecting relevant passenger information and comparing it to security watch lists in the United States.

You must include the following details when booking (at least 72 hours prior to departure). If you do not have this detail, you will be subjected to extra screening, check-in, or boarding delays.

  • Full name(including First, middle and last) as it appears on your travel documents released by the government
  • Year of birth
  • Gender is a factor.
  • (If applicable) Redress Number*

Is Air Transat a good Airline?

Air Transat is a Certified 4-Star Leisure Airline for the nature of its airport and locally available items and staff administration. Airlines provide amazing seats, good comfort food and drinks, IFE, tidiness, etc.

In-flight services

Movies, TV shows, and games are readily available.

Browse more than 200 choices with our determination of inflight entertainment. The best part is that you can appreciate it directly on your cell phone, PC, or our singular touch screens.

So make up for lost time with your number one TV series or watch that film everybody's discussing while the little ones find our children's substance.

Customer Commitment Policy

The airline gives a degree of administration to our customers that makes us a forerunner in the airline business.

The airline l likely make each flight a positive encounter for our customers. The transient Customer Commitment clarifies our particular assistance responsibilities to proceed with a significant degree of execution and work on at every possible opportunity.

Food-related services

Air Transat offers an assortment of inflight services to make your outing considerably more charming. This segment covers diversion, food, and drink, our obligation-free contributions, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The airline is as yet serving food or beverages on the plane. The current average in mentor and economy classes for airline stewards is to offer travelers fixed individual snacks and a local determination of canned drinks.

About classes and comfort

Club Class: Take it easy in a select inclusive with roomy and agreeable seats. Go in style with two bits of checked things and need administrations at the airport.

Selective cabin

  • Club Class offers more roomy and reclinable seats with a six-way headrest and stool just as different conveniences to guarantee your comfort ready so you can unwind or rest in harmony.
  • Individual touch screens with USB and electrical plug

Economy Class

Economy Class offers a warm greeting and customized administration, with unrivaled solace, ergonomic Italian-cowhide situates, a committed team, and an inflight theater setup!

Comfort:Agreeable cowhide seats for ideal unwinding


If you fly in Business class, you will need to look elsewhere because the passenger cannot discover any Business Class situates on Air Transat's flights.

Air Transat currently offers domestic and international trips to all significant Canadian centers, including Calgary, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Air Transat Premium Economy

If you book a trip with Air Transat, you'll notice somewhere around a couple of prompts to move up to Option Plus. It's still economy class, however, better.

For £42 every way, you can partake in a couple of additional advantages, for example, free seat choice (generally £19) and somewhat more solace in your standard economy seat.

You'll likewise get a complimentary cocktail during the l battle.

Baggage Services


One bag for each individual (no expense)

Every traveler is qualified for one piece of hand baggage and an individual thing subject to estimated limitations. The hand gear should be light enough for travelers to store in the upper baggage compartment without help. The particular thing ought to be set under the seat before the traveler.

Individual things

Tote or portfolio, camera pack, PC, a bag of things from the obligation-free shop, wedding dress, sports sack, or hardware (for example, squash, badminton racquet).

1 for every individual (no expense)

Cancellation and Refund services

However, for European takeoffs, you may likewise have the option to guarantee flight Cancellation or Air Transat retraction remuneration under a law known as EC 261. As a result, you could get as much as US$700 (€600) per person.

Air Transat Flight Cancellation Compensation

While Air Transat is undoubtedly not a European airline, they conform to European guidelines at whatever point they fly in Europe. That is uplifting news for any traveler influenced by a flight cancellation, as a somewhat late cancellation of a European takeoff might qualify them for a reasonable Air Transat remuneration payout.

With any Air Transat flight undoing, you'll be offered an elective trip to your objective or a full refund in case that is the thing that you'd like. Be that as it may, moreover, if your flight was canceled under 14 days before you were expected to leave a European airport, EU laws say travelers might be qualified for up to US$700 per individual in pay.

Check-in and Airport Services

Online registration is presented somewhere between 24 and 2 hours before takeoff from most air terminals. Counsel the internet-based enrollment. Will to open in a different program window page for additional subtleties. U.S. Baggage cancellation during airport counter opening occasions as it were.

What kind of planes does air transat use?

  • Airbus A321-200 (A321ceo)
  • Airbus A321neoLR.
  • Airbus A330-200.
  • Airbus A330-300.

Is air transat a budget Airline?

Air Transat is Canada's primary recreation aircraft. It flies to exactly 60 global objections above 25 nations in the Americas and Europe, offers domestic and corresponding flights inside Canada, and consistently conveys somewhere in the range of 5 million travelers. Air Transat is a specialty unit of Transat.

What are the different seats on air transat?

A330-200 has 345 different seats in a second-class configuration. There are twelve seats in Club Class and 333 seats in Economy Class. The club is Air Transat's Business Class. This form of the A330-200 is the re-planned adaptation with a rebuilt Club Class, pristine Economy Class, including individual theater setups. Club class has been decreased to 12 seats for the greatest solace and administration.

What kind of planes does Air Transat use?

A330s have a higher density 9-across configuration that feels cramped. On A330s, IFE is sufficient, and on new A321NEO aircraft, seatback screens are being offered.

  • 2 Trent 772B Rolls-Royce engines.
  • Capacity of fuel: 245,316 lb (111,272 kg).
  • 509,042 lb maximum take-off weight (233,000 kg)
  • 188 ft 8 in overall length (58.8 m)
  • 197 ft 10 in wingspan (60.3 m)
  • 57 ft 1 in tail height (17.4 m)
  • The maximum range is 9,600 kilometers (6,000 nautical miles)

345 (12 in Club Class and 333 in Economy Class) or 332 seats in a redesigned cabin (12 in Club Class and 320 in Economy Class)

Primary concern or Final Thoughts

Air Transat is indeed a good Airline, and Air Transat has crushed nine seats. Unfortunately, the legroom is just with regards to confirm, yet when the seat in front is leaned back, it makes it difficult to get a respectable survey point and very precarious to get up to cherish about.

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