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Do you want to keep ants in ant farm? Are you wondering, What Do Ants Eat in an Ant Farm?

How often to you need to feed them and what should you offer? Do they need food in a gel ant farm?

In this article, we’ll find out what ants eat in an ant farm.

What Do Ants Eat in an Ant Farm?

Sugar, water and dead insects are preferred by ants in ant farms. Ant farms that are made of gel do not require you to add any types of food.

Conventional ant farms would benefit from adding water mixed with sugar since ants prefer to eat food in liquid form. You can offer fruits, vegetables and dead insects every two to three days.

Remember to remove all foods that have not been eaten to prevent mold from developing in your ant farm.

What Do Ants Eat in an Ant Farm? {Why Are They Dying?} | The Pest Management : Tips to Control Pests (1)

Do I Need to Feed My Ants in My Ant Farm?

You should feed your ants different types of food that they can liquefy in their stomachs before ingesting it.

This is the task of worker ants who are able to take solid pieces of food and turn them into liquid forms to feed the rest of the colony with the queen coming first before all else.

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You can offer fruit or vegetables every 2 to 3 days. Take away any food that is left over to prevent mold from developing.

Give your ants a few drops of water every other day as well and keep the colony in a cool setting between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. If direct sunlight is hitting your ant farm, they will probably die very soon.

How Long Do Ants Live in an Ant Farm?

Ants live in an ant farm for about 3 months. There are care sheets containing all the best practices that you need to undertake in order to prolong the life of your ants in the ant farm. These instructions are available online or will be given to you at the pet shop.

Looking after your ants requires you to keep them in a cool environment where the temperatures do not rise more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are keeping them in the very warm and dry environment with direct sunlight they will not survive very long.

How Do You Create Your Own Ant Farm?

If you are creating your own ant farm, you will need the following items:

  1. Get a large glass jar with a lid and poke holes in it.
  2. Get a smaller glass jar that fits inside the larger one.
  3. You can collect ants from your garden and try to begin your own ant farm.
  4. Get one container for ant collecting. Without a queen, your colony will not expand.
  5. Grab some soil from your property or purchase a bag of soil and use a small bit of it.
  6. Take a spoonful of honey, sugar or some bread crumbs.
  7. Get a small piece of sponge to soak up some droplets of sugar and water.

These are the beginning stages of developing your own ant farm. Without a queen you will not be able to progressed your ant farm any further.

What Do Ants Eat in an Ant Farm? {Why Are They Dying?} | The Pest Management : Tips to Control Pests (2)

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Why Are My Ants Dying in My Ant Farm?

Your ants are probably not dying from a lack of food. They are most likely perishing because the area is too warm. Ants can dehydrate very easily. You will need to add more water in the ant far, but you will also need to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with your ants and try not to move or disrupt the colony while it is developing. Moving the ant farm around from one place to another should only be done so when it is necessary.

Shaking the ant colony accidentally will create massive deaths in your ant farm. Transporting the ant colony from one location to another should only be done so to give them a more cooler environment in which they can thrive.

Do Ants Eat Apples?

Ants are not trying to eat the apple itself, but they would love to feed off of the sweet liquid contained inside it. Larger insects will also consume apples and so will birds.

If the apple has already been partially eaten by other insects or animals, they may have released a fungus in there creating an unsanitary food source for ants who are very meticulous about remaining clean and staying clear of any diseases.

If you noticed ants not eating an apple, it’s because the apple itself has been contaminated from other animals are insects who were their first.

What Food is Good for Ants?

If we were to list all the foods for ants to eat, it would carry on for many pages because they eat almost anything.

Ants are omnivorous and they can even eat themselves if food is scarce. Their favorite source of food is anything that is sweet which includes sugar, honey or anything with the sweet nectar.

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In fact, the milk aphids produce when they are feeding off of plants is the sweet desired honeydew that ants thrive on. This is why they love to keep aphids alive in order to milk them.

How do you Feed Ants Water?

The best way to give your ants water is to mix a little pinch of sugar with a teaspoon of water for ants to enjoy about one to two times a week.

You can add two or three droplets from bottled spring water every other day if you wish. You can even drop in a tiny crumb of bread and soak it with water before you do so. Ants will absorb water from solid foods.

What Do Ants Eat in an Ant Farm? {Why Are They Dying?} | The Pest Management : Tips to Control Pests (3)

Does a Gel Ant Farm Require Feeding?

A gel ant farm has everything that is necessary for the worker ants to produce food for her Queen. Queens cannot lay eggs in gel farms because there is not enough protein in there for the eggs to grow.

If you are putting food inside a gel farm you may end up with a mold outbreak causing many to die as a result.


If you are not keeping a gel Ant Farm, then you will need to provide your ants with sugar and carbohydrates. If there is a queen in the ant farm she will need protein as well. Without protein she will not be able to lay eggs.

Carbohydrate rich foods also contains sugars. You can also provide dead insects like Dubia roaches and superworms. These insects are great sources of protein.

We suggest that you kill them first in order to prevent the release of acids that come out of dead insects which may harm the sanitary conditions of the ant farm itself.

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