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There’s no worse feeling than leaving your pup behind at home. You have to leave them to go to work. You have to leave them to go out to eat.

Why should you have to leave them to go shopping too? Luckily, society is becoming increasingly dog friendly. Bringing your dog along with you to the store can have a ton of benefits for you and your pet.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (1)

Socializing your dog by bringing them along on a shopping trip will improve their quality of life and yours. Dogs need to know how to function around people. If you ever plan to bring them to potentially crowded places, trips to the store are a great way to prepare them.

Spending extra time with your pooch is another great benefit of having them accompany you to the store. Having a dog often feels overwhelming when you’re not able to spend enough quality time together. A trip to the store can provide you both with some much-needed quality time together.

We put together this guide to help you learn what stores allow dogs. Follow these tips to ensure the trip goes smoothly for you and your pet.

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Choose the Right Time and the Right Place for Your Dog

If this is the first time you’re taking your pup out to a store with you, you may want to start small. Tight spaces and loud noises might make your dog feel nervous.

Consider a store that has wide isles. Keep noise levels and crowds in mind when you decide to make your first trip with your dog. This will help them acclimate to being out in public.

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Choose a time and a place that won’t be crowded or overwhelming for your dog. A big box store early in the morning should be calm and quiet. As they get more comfortable in public, you can branch out to new stores.

Take into consideration your dog’s personality when you decide which stores to bring them into. If you have a loud, boisterous pup, then a bookstore may not be a good match. Similarly, if your dog is extra shy, a bustling mall will probably make them feel uncomfortable.

If you do decide to take your dog into a store, set your pet up for success. Check their collar or harness to make sure it fits properly. Use a leash that keeps them close by your side.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (2)

Check Pet Policies Before You Go

It shouldn’t be surprising that different stores will have different pet policies. Most stores will have their pet policy listed on their websites. When you’re checking pet policies online, make sure that you look at specific locations to learn what stores allow dogs.

Sometimes information like pet policies is hard to find. If you’ve looked for the information but can’t find it, don’t be afraid to give the store a call. Most stores will have a customer service line that can provide you with all of the information you need.

If you find yourself on an impromptu trip with your pup, check for signage outside before you bring your dog in. If there’s no sign, then walk in with your pet. Look for an employee and ask about their pet policy before you start shopping.

If you happen to walk into a store with your dog and are asked to leave, don’t argue with the manager. Unless your dog is a certified service dog, all businesses have the right to deny your animal. Emotional support animals are not protected by the ADA like service animals are.

List of Pet-Friendly Retail Stores 2022

Store policies are ever-changing. If the store you are visiting is a chain, then the pet policies may actually vary from store to store. We made this list of some of the most well-known pet-friendly places you can shop with your pet.

Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply has historically been a great choice for shopping with your dog. This store caters to animals of all types, so don’t be surprised to run into poultry inside or livestock outside. Tractor Supply allows all breeds and sizes of dogs in their stores.

Your pup will need to be leashed and well-behaved.

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Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (3)

Home Depot

If you’ve ever shopped at a Home Depot before, you’ve probably seen customers roaming around with their pets. Home Depot has a welcoming pet policy assuming your pet is leashed and friendly. Keep in mind that you may encounter heavy equipment that could be intimidating for a dog that isn’t too familiar with trips to stores.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (4)


It may surprise you to see this luxury retailer make our list. Nordstrom has one of the most dog-friendly policies out of any of the stores we researched. Their social media even has a specific hashtag to show off your furry friends while you’re shopping.

All Norstrom requires is that your pup is leashed and doesn’t disturb other customers.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (5)

Cabelas / BassPro Shops

This store for all things outdoors welcomes dogs of all sizes. Cabela’s knows that your pets will likely join you on your outdoor treks. That’s why they don’t have a problem with your pets joining you in the store.

All they ask is that your dog is leashed and not disruptive. They even host special days where your dog can come in a receive a VIP shopping experience. Check their websites for details.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (6)


Similar to Home Depot, Lowes has a liberal pet policy. Their website doesn’t explicitly state that pets are allowed, so you may want to call your local store before heading out with your pup. Hardware stores are usually home to loud noises.

Keep that in mind when you’re deciding if Lowes is the right place to bring your pet.

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Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (7)


Target is another store that lacks clear information on their pet policy when you access their website. But, it’s not uncommon to shop at Target and see pets walking with their owners or riding in carts. Try to contact your store before you show up, or ask a manager for clarity when you arrive.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (8)

Bed Bath and Beyond

What could be more fun than roaming isles full of fluffy towels with your loyal dog? Luckily for you, Bed Bath and Beyond makes that possible. Their pet policy only asks that you keep your pets tethered with a leash, and don’t let them interact with any products.

Now your pooch can help you pick out linens and scented candles!

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (9)

Barnes and Noble

There’s something particularly relaxing about the idea of browsing through books with your four-legged friend. Barnes and Noble has a lax pet policy that allows your dog to join you while you pick out a new book. Their pet policy does not extend to any café that may be located inside the store.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (10)


Another luxury clothing that welcomes furry friends is Bloomingdales. Like most of the other stores on our list, they only ask that you keep your pet on a leash. Bloomingdales has a large open layout and is usually very quiet inside.

This could be a great place to introduce your dog to stores.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (11)
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The Gap

The Gap has a pet-friendly policy, as do a few of its sister stores, like Old Navy and Madewell. While you’re shopping for your new pair of jeans, your dog will need to be leashed and remain by your side. Gap stores can have a crowded layout and often play loud music, so make sure your dog will be comfortable in that environment before you bring them in.

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (12)

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn proudly welcomes dogs of any size according to their website. They do require that your pet be leashed and stay close to you throughout your shopping trip. This might be the perfect opportunity to take Fido shopping for new patio furniture.

After all, he’ll probably be using it more often than you!

Which Stores Allow Dogs? Pet-Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Oodle Life (13)

Get Shopping With Your Pup

Now that you know what stores allow dogs, it’s time to take your furry friend out on a few shopping trips! Try to stick to stores where you know your dog will be most comfortable.

Once your dog has mastered the art of shopping in calmer stores, you can venture into more crowded spaces together. Start slowly and work your way up. A great place to start is in pet stores.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to make sure your dog has used the bathroom before entering any store with them. You don’t want to end up with an uncomfortable pup or a mess. Don’t forget to bring bags to pick up any accidents your dog may leave in the store.

If your dog does make a mistake while on your shopping trip, don’t react negatively. A negative reaction could create a bad association of public spaces for your dog. Calmly handle any mishaps and reward your dog consistently for good behavior.

Remember that if you are ever in doubt about a store’s pet policy, search online or call the store to get clarity before you bring your dog in.


Can I take my dog in Walmart in a stroller? ›

We do not allow pets in our stores.

Does Starbucks allow dogs? ›

According to the official Starbucks pet policy: Pets are not allowed in the stores and Starbucks may be subject to health code violations if pets are found in the store. Starbucks allows service animals to enter our stores.

Are dogs allowed in IKEA? ›

No, pets are not allowed at IKEA stores.

Can Costco dog? ›

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Costco has adopted a service animal policy. Be assured that Costco members accompanied by service animals have immediate access to our warehouses. Costco is permitted under the ADA to ascertain whether the animal is a service animal.

Can I bring my dog in a backpack to target? ›

Target does not allow dogs (other than service dogs) into the store due to health regulations.

Can Walmart ask if your dog is a service dog? ›

Walmart cannot ask for verification of your service animal's status, but employees can ask what task your service animal is trained to perform.

Can dogs eat whipped cream? ›

While whipped cream isn't toxic to dogs, it doesn't mean it will necessarily sit… well with them. If your dog experiences an upset stomach, bloating, vomiting, or diarrhea after enjoying a puppuccino, they might have a sensitivity to high-fat treats or may be lactose intolerant.

Can I ask for a pup cup at Starbucks? ›

How Do You Order a Puppuccino? This is one menu item you can't order through your Starbucks app—just tell your barista you have your dog along for the ride and they would very much like a Puppuccino (or a pup cup, or just a small cup of whipped cream). They'll know exactly what you're talking about.

What is the dog thing at Starbucks called? ›

What is a Puppuccino? A Puppuccino is just a small amount of whipped cream served in an espresso cup that you can get at Starbucks — and dog parents everywhere love grabbing them to give their dogs a little treat when they get their own favorite Starbucks drinks.

Are dogs allowed in Amazon? ›

Amazon has been ranked among the most dog-friendly companies in the U.S. Find out why. Amazon employees in the U.S. share a workspace with thousands of dogs. Bring-your-dog-to-work day is every day at corporate offices across the nation—a long-standing tradition that both employees and their four-legged friends enjoy.

Can dogs walk around IKEA? ›

Are dogs allowed in IKEA stores? Registered service dogs, such as guide dogs and hearing assistance dogs, are always welcome! We ask you to leave your furry friends at home, as we are unable to allow them into the store.

Can I allow my dog on the couch? ›

In general, letting your dog on the furniture is unlikely to cause problems, behavioral or otherwise. Dogs love to curl up on the sofa, the bed, and anywhere else that's nice and soft. They also like to spend time in their humans' favorite spots.

Is Kirkland dog friendly? ›

Kirkland is pet friendly! If you need help to decide where to stay, play, or eat with Fido, you've come to the right place. Here's the scoop on our favorite pet friendly hotels, dog friendly activities, and restaurants that allow dogs in Kirkland.

Is Ikea dog friendly USA? ›

IKEA US is not considered very pet-friendly, as according to their pet policy only service dogs are allowed on their property. The store wants to provide their customers with a safe and pleasant time, spent in their establishments, which is the reason for the store's restrictive pet policy.

Why are Costco dogs so good? ›

They're actually 10% thicker than the previously served Hebrew National hot dogs so they made a change to give you more for your dollar. The Kirkland dogs have no by-products, corn syrup, phosphates, fillers, or artificial colors or flavors. And that, my friends, is why Costco buck dawgs taste so dang good.

Why are dogs not allowed in target? ›

As of this posting, dogs aren't allowed in Target unless they're service animals. This restriction is actually due to health regulations — since Target sells groceries, live animals aren't allowed inside. The only exceptions are registered service animals approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Can you take pets inside of Target? ›

Can dogs shop with us at Target? As of 2022, dogs are not allowed in Target stores. The only exception to this rule is Service Dogs.

Can I bring a dog in a backpack to Costco? ›

While some shops allow dogs, grocery suppliers like Costco do not allow pets inside their stores even if they are small or inside of a bag.

Can a service dog sit in a grocery cart? ›

Are stores required to allow service animals to be placed in a shopping cart? A. Generally, the dog must stay on the floor, or the person must carry the dog.

Why can't you ask someone if their dog is a service dog? ›

The quick answer is no. According to the ADA, employees at a business "are not allowed to request any documentation" for a service dog. The American Disability Act (ADA) prohibits both public and private businesses from discriminating against people with disabilities.

Why do service dogs wear vests? ›

Some individuals with a disability with service animals may have their animals wear vests as a way of communication with the public, but it isn't required.

Can dogs have peanut butter? ›

Don't keep your pup in suspense any longer. Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter as long as it is fed in moderation and does not contain xylitol, so get out that pet-safe peanut butter jar and share the good news.

Can dogs have cinnamon? ›

The good news is that cinnamon is not toxic to dogs, though cinnamon essential oil can be toxic for pups. Your dog will not suffer fatal toxic effects from consuming too much cinnamon, but that does not necessarily mean you should be sprinkling it on kibble.

Can dogs eat marshmallows? ›

Marshmallows contain an incredibly high amount of sugar and calories and are especially dangerous for any dog with diabetes or weight problems. Even if your pup is healthy, feeding him sugary treats can contribute to obesity, which can lead to diabetes due to insulin resistance.

Does Dunkin Donuts have pup cups? ›

America may run on Dunkin', but when you are in the drive-thru with your cuddly companion, ask the staff for a puppy latte — whipped cream in a cup. And if you want to sit and stay awhile, ask them for dog treats.

Can dogs eat ice cream? ›

Dogs Don't Digest Milk Well

Ice cream can cause your dog gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or vomiting. Remember, your dog can't voice their concerns to you, so while they might look OK on the outside, they could be experiencing some major digestive issues on the inside.

Does Dairy Queen offer a pup cup? ›

Just ask for a pup cup by name! If that fails, simply order a small cup of soft serve for your dog. Most locations offer this treat for free, but others may choose to charge a small fee for their trouble.

Can dogs eat Cool Whip? ›

Sugar, vanilla, and other flavorings are added for taste. Whipped toppings, like Cool Whip or Reddi-wip, include ingredients to preserve the sensitive cream longer than a trip from your kitchen to the kitchen table. But there shouldn't be anything necessarily toxic for dogs in these whipped toppings.

What is a pup cup at Chick Fil A? ›


Some locations have treats for dogs that come through the drive-through. Ask for the Chick-fil-a Pup Cup at select locations, a nice scoop of IceDream topped with a special dog treat!

What is a pup cup from mcdonalds? ›

In case you didn't know, a puppuccino is light whipped cream served in a small cup. Shake Shack.

Which company allows to bring dogs? ›

Urban Company, formerly Urbanclap, allows its employees to bring pets to work. The company celebrates pet days where staff can bring pets along with them to the office.

Is it OK to bring your dog to work? ›

Unless you have a service animal, you do not have a legal right to bring your pet to work.

Are dogs not allowed on Uber? ›

Uber provides its customers with an "Uber Pet" feature for the pet passengers to ride with their pets.

Are IKEA items good quality? ›

Certainly, IKEA is not the only brand that sells affordable but lesser-quality furniture. Largely made from particleboard, IKEA furniture most often does not stand up to years of use. Disassembling and transporting the furniture during a move can also shorten its lifespan.

Does IKEA allow emotional support dogs? ›

No, emotional support dogs are not allowed in IKEA.

IKEA does not allow emotional support animals, including dogs, into their stores.

Is parking at IKEA Reading free? ›

Family friendly store & parking

We take pride in ensuring there are features and facilities available that families need and with something for everyone to enjoy. All our IKEA stores have free parking*, which includes Disabled and Parent & Baby parking bays.

Can my dog get in my bed? ›

So long as your dog is healthy, well-trained and isn't waking you up frequently in the night, feel free to let your pup sleep where they like. Whether or not your pup even wants to be in your bed might just be one of the things your dog wishes you knew.

Do you have to sleep with your dog? ›

Studies have shown many physical and mental health advantages to owning a pet, and co-sleeping increases the amount of time spent with that pet, potentially increasing those benefits. For example, co-sleeping can increase the feelings of comfort and companionship your dog provides.

Can I leave my dog alone in my room? ›

Can you leave your dog alone? Yes, but the amount of time you can depends on the dog. The general rule of thumb is not to leave your dog alone for more than six hours, but it's even less for puppies or senior dogs.

Is Juanita Beach dog friendly? ›

Make sure you pack your leash if you plan to visit Juanita Bay Park, as leashes are required in all Kirkland parks, with the exception of our designated off-leash areas. Juanita Bay Park is known for its gorgeous 100 acres of lush wetlands, gorgeous treed walkways and awesome lakeside vantage points.

Is Tucson dog friendly? ›

Tucson is pet friendly! If you need help to decide where to stay, play, or eat with Fido, you've come to the right place. Here's the scoop on our favorite pet friendly hotels, dog friendly activities, and restaurants that allow dogs in Tucson.

Is Waverly beach dog friendly? ›

The Waverly is located just 1 mile from the San Elijo Beach, although this beach is not dog-friendly.

Is it okay to put your dog in a stroller? ›

McCullough recommends bringing your pet into a room with the stroller so they can get comfortable around it. Once they're relaxed, start with short walks and gradually increase your distance each outing. Reward them with treats for good dog stroller behavior. Make sure that they're safely strapped in.

Can you put a dog in a stroller? ›

Safe and Happy Transport of Animals

Whether it's to the vet, groomer, or traveling in an airport, a stroller gives the dog a comfortable and enclosed place to lie down. And for the dog's owner, the stroller is easy to manage and allows for the freedom of handling other gear instead of getting tangled up with a leash.

Can I take my dog anywhere in a stroller? ›

Most companies will not have a stated exception for puppies or dogs in strollers. That being said, some stores will be more accepting of dogs in a stroller since they are less likely to make a mess or disrupt other shoppers.

Can a dog ride in a stroller? ›

Your dog might not initially like their stroller; that's why you'll need to work on training and slow introductions to their new wheels. With a bit of practice (and some patience), most dogs will eventually enjoy taking a ride in a pet stroller because it means they get to go out.

What is the safest way for dog to travel in car? ›

The safest way for your pet to travel is in a carrier that has been strapped to the seat with a seatbelt or other anchor. Make sure the carrier is large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down. You can also use a pet seatbelt, but these have not been proven to protect animals during a car crash.

Can I put my dog in clothes? ›

Clothes are a good solution to keep dogs with medical conditions, compromised or weakened immune systems, and older dogs from catching a chill, even when inside. Your dog may stay cleaner in clothes. When they roll on the grass, or in something even less appealing, it will not get on their coat.

Do backpacks help dogs? ›

Carrying a pack can help them build muscle, which can lead to a longer, healthier life. Backpacks can also be helpful when you only have time for a short excursion but your pup has miles of energy to burn. The extra weight from the pack turns a half-hour walk into what feels like a full hour of work.

Does Costco allow dogs in strollers? ›

Costco does not allow non-service dogs or other pets in their stores because it violates FDA regulations governing the health and safety standards that grocery suppliers are required to uphold.

Can a dog sit in a seat? ›

If your dog sits in the front passenger seat, he is at risk of being injured by an airbag, which is meant to protect adults. If the car does not have passenger-side airbags, and if your dog must ride in the front passenger seat, he can sit next to you as long as he is properly restrained.

Can dogs wear diapers on a plane? ›

That's why pet diapers for your cat or dog is very handy when flying! Dog diapers and cat diapers will prevent your pet from peeing or pooping all over their carrier and leaking onto the plane. Washable Dog Diapers and Washable Cat Diapers from Pet Parents® are made for comfort and a superior fit.


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